Farmwork: a retrospective

For the past eight years, visual artist Douglas Rosenberg and choreographer Li Chiao-Ping have opened their home, land, garden and studio in Oregon, WI to an annual gathering of artists, dancers, writers, musicians and creative people of all kinds.

Called Farmwork, these yearly retreats are open to anyone who wants to participate in periods of localized, spontaneous collaboration. Farming is the working metaphor for an approach to art-making that is directly connected to the land on which it’s made, and the people who are present. It is seasonal, local, and based in ideas about community and collaboration.

Inspired by people like Allan Kaprow and Lucy Lippard, and spaces such as Black Mountain College, Farmwork is rooted in the idea that Art and Life can be one and the same, a hybrid practice. Together we make food, practice yoga, take walks, talk, laugh, move, draw, write, play, climb, explore, dig and build. We make fires, stage performances, record sounds, make music, and share ideas. Along the way we photograph and document, imagine and remember. Read more about Farmwork.