Hot Air

Hot Air is a web-based arcade game that challenges players’ abilities to decode the language of U.S. partisan politics. Pick a side of the aisle and deflate your foes’ real-time twitter rhetoric.

You start by picking a side – and in this game you have two choices; Democrat or Republican. You will then enter a world where your avatar (blue or red, of course) is hovering in the clouds, as balloons filled with hot air rise from below. You can select each balloon and see the text of the anonymous tweet above – your job is to identify party allies and deflate your political opponents with a well-aimed dart.

The balloons you see are tied to actual real-time tweets coming from Republican and Democratic members of the U.S. Congress (thanks to the work of Tweet Congress, who maintain a list of Twitter users). Each “level” has a set number of tweets, and as you get further into the game the balloons rise faster. You can select the different balloons to see their corresponding tweet text, but the tweet’s author remains veiled until the balloon is popped.