HRI (Unpaid Internship) at the Dumbo Arts Festival 2014

In the false dichotomy of Work vs. Life, Work is winning. Or is it? The Notion Collective invites you to participate in HRI (Unpaid Internship), an immersive experience at the 2014 DUMBO Arts Festival. Come join us in a tribute to the cubicle, in all its pain and glory.

HRI (Unpaid Internship)
The Dumbo Arts Festival 2014
1 Main Street, DUMBO, Brooklyn
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September 26-28, 2014
Friday 9/26: 6pm-9pm
Saturday 9/27: noon-9pm
Sunday 9/28: noon-6pm

Closing Party: Sunday @ 5pm

For the DUMBO Arts Festival we’re installing the new HRI, Inc. NYC office, to serve as a staging ground for the “Fall 2014 Internship.” You’ll participate for a 5-10 minute shift as an unpaid intern, immersed in a familiar office setting. Each intern is asked to complete a simple data entry task — but things aren’t quite what they seem. It’s up to you to answer the question left hanging from the ceiling tiles: is this really work or play?

Photo: Julien GONG Min/Flickr