Station Identification

WNYC, KNOW, KCRW, KUT, KEXP, WHYY, WWOZ, WBEZ, WOLX, WORT. These are letters that may mean nothing or everything to you depending on where you’ve lived and what you’ve listened to. They’re radio call signs, and they can be as much a part of a city’s landscape as mountains, rivers, skyscrapers, and freeways.

Station Identification explored this landscape by transforming the Foshay Tower’s observation deck into a radio compass. Each radio’s placement corresponded to the direction that station broadcasts from (the radio tower), allowing guests to have a better sense of the connection between what’s playing and where it is playing from. Walking through the space — an open air deck encircling the tower’s peak — is like scanning the radio dial with your feet.

Additionally, Station Identification allowed visitors to respond to their experience via a temporary Internet radio station located in the Foshay Tower. Aided by KICE director David Pitman, Station Identification was broadcasting live throughout the evening via a live internet stream.. Anyone with access to an Internet connection — whether it be via computer or mobile device — was able to listen to radio programming inspired by the location and experience.